Thesis preparation and submission

Submission of a thesis is an exciting milestone for both students and supervisors and one that should be celebrated.

Before submitting

Writing a thesis is a lengthy process, often requiring multiple redrafts and revisions.

Drafts should be provided and reviewed on a regular basis to keep up momentum as the submission deadline approaches. Please ensure that all required milestones and program requirements (e.g. professional development hours) have been completed before progressing with your submission.

The information below has been provided to you to make your experience as easy as possible. You may also like to refer to the Graduate Research Thesis Examination Procedures for further insight into the thesis examination process.

Submitting a thesis for examination

Before submitting a thesis, please make sure the following has been thought of, and/or completed.

Please note that students are not required to submit physical copies of their thesis. Thesis submission and examination is completed online via the Thesis Examination Portal.

While under examination

The entire examination process normally takes four to six months, however it can take longer.