Handbook for Doctoral Degrees

Please note: MPhil and research master's students should refer to the Handbook for Research Master's Degrees.


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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 The Handbook for Doctoral Degrees

Chapter 2: Admission to doctoral enrolment

2.1 Admission criteria
2.2 English language proficiency
2.3 Credit provision for PhD and  professional doctorate degrees
2.4 Degree or institution transfer
2.5 Application for student visa (international students)
2.6 Application procedures
2.7 Research-related employment which overlaps enrolment
2.8 Admission and commencement
2.9 Concurrent enrolment
2.10 Conditional enrolment
2.11 Confirmation Milestone
2.12 Ethics approval
2.13 Intellectual property (ownership)

Chapter 3: Conditions of enrolment

3.1 Duration of enrolment
3.2 Research environment
3.3 Coursework and practica
3.4 Attendance
3.5 External/off-campus enrolment
3.6 Employment guidelines
3.7 Study away
3.8 Re-enrolment
3.9 Milestones - Supporting and Monitoring Enrolment
3.10 Confirmation
3.11 Mid-candidature review / Progress Review
3.12 Pre-submission seminar / Final Review

Chapter 4: Changes to enrolment

4.1 Types of leave
4.2 Extension of enrolment
4.3 Studying away from the University
4.4 Lapse of enrolment
4.5 Withdrawal in good standing
4.6 Writing-up away status
4.7 Transfers

Chapter 5: Supervision of doctoral and research master's students

5.1 Appointment of supervisors
5.2 Graduate Research Roles and Responsibilities

Chapter 6: Intellectual property

6.1 Guidelines on Graduate Research Student Intellectual Property

Chapter 7: Thesis and examination matters

7.1 Preparation, submission, assessment and award of degree
7.2 Code of practice for the use of merit indicators arising from doctoral examinations

Chapter 8: Grievance and appeal, discipline and termination

8.1 Student Complaints Policy and associated Procedures
8.2 Discipline procedures for doctoral and research masters students
8.3 Graduate Research  Progress Management Procedures
8.4 Graduate  Research Termination Procedures
8.5 Guidelines for Termination Appeal Panel Chairs
8.6 Guidelines for Milestone Review Panels and Academic Progress Review (APR) Panels

Chapter 9: Fees, scholarships and grants

9.1 Fees

Chapter 10: Facilities and services

10.1 Monash Graduate Research Office
10.2 Graduate facilities, services and groups
10.3 Monash Graduate Association Inc. (MGA)
10.4 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Chapter 11: Directory

11.1 Monash Graduate Research Office
11.2 Monash Graduate Research Centre
11.3 Monash Graduate Association (MGA)
11.4 Monash Research Office
11.5 Graduate research administration: faculties and campuses
11.6 International Recruitment Services
11.7 Documents related to graduate research at Monash University

Chapter 12 Appendices

A. Monash University Regulations
B. Summary regulation amendments by date
C. Guidelines for accreditation of centres for the purposes of enrolment of PhD students
D. Monash University (Vice-Chancellor) Regulations
E. Guidelines to apply when research undertaken in relation to employment overlaps with enrolment
F. Cotutelle and joint award doctoral programs
G. Professional doctorate guidelines/minimum standards
H. Scholarship policy and procedures
I. Conflict of interest guidelines for the nomination of higher degree by research thesis examiners
J. Faculty-specific requirements for milestones
K. Guidelines for Remote Supervision
L. Higher Doctorate Degrees