Fuel and Engine Performance

Monash conducts research to assist industry to achieve greater efficiencies in fuel and engine performance. Monash’s Diesel Engine Facility (MDEF) is an LTRAC research facility located at the Clayton campus in Victoria, Australia and houses a fully instrumented diesel engine test cell. This facility has been designed to enable detailed investigations of engine, alternative fuels and emissions, ranging from cutting-edge experimental and numerical research to industry-focused collaborations.

Using advanced measurement techniques such as high-speed cameras and lasers that the Laboratory for Turbulence Research in Aerospace and Combustion (LTRAC) Laboratory specialises in, novel in-cylinder sensors and the latest industrial solutions for gas analysis, we research a wide spectrum of engine-related phenomena, from diesel sprays and combustion measurement to fault diagnostics and emissions.

Areas include:

  • Engine performance and analysis;
  • Fuels and fuel systems;
  • Formation, control and measurement of emissions;
  • Greenhouse gas mitigation;
  • Fluid mechanics;
  • Combustion (pollutant formation, alternative and renewable fuels);
  • Propulsion and transport (gas turbines, diesel and spark ignition engines);
  • Fluid Mechanics (sprays, sonic and supersonic flows); and
  • Exhaust treatment including filtering systems and underground mining.