Broader capabilities

Broader capabilities

The Institute of Railway Technology (IRT) at Monash University is the premier track and vehicle railway research centre in Australia.

The Institute is renowned to  comprehensive and systematic approaches to problem solving using its team of experienced technical specialists.

IRT now offers an expanded capability recognising the need to respond to the changing nature of global railway industry needs.  With this in mind, an exciting opportunity presents to build on existing capabilities of the IRT team, complimented with the expertise drawn from the wider Monash University community.  

Internationally recognised researchers and practitioners will join the IRT team as Rail Research Associates, providing ‘whole of industry’ solutions to the expanded needs of railway advancement.

Individually the Rail Research Associates have a strong track- record in providing quality solutions to address industry needs, and collectively joining the IRT team, grouped together in innovative thematic areas, which illustrate new technological advances on offer, present a solid foundation for industry to become generational leaders through collaborating with Monash University’s Institute of Railway Technology, and its new Rail Research Associates.