Power and Control

Monash delivers power systems analysis, variable speed drives, condition monitoring, high voltage engineering, quality of electrical supply, asset and demand management and electric traction.

Areas include:

  • Renewable energy and micro grids (grid integration of renewables);
  • Electric train specialisation;
  • Power electronics, power converters and control of power converters for various energy systems including traction networks;
  • Converters DC-AC (in trains connections through transformer and conversion to improve voltage profile where connected);
  • Design/Control/Optimisation of the line-side converter of electric trains; and
  • Design/Control/Optimisation of the three-phase drive unit of the electric trains;
  • Providing ancillary services to the traction electric network via electric locomotives;
  • Control and coordination of substations for electric traction networks.
  • Economic appraisal of rail projects;
  • Public Policy, Strategy and Planning;
  • High speed rail projects not just urban;
  • Executive education;
  • Fare evasion and psychology behind fare evasion;
  • Benchmarking the design of railway stations;
  • Crime prevention and safety related to design of railway stations;
  • Olympic Games modelling;
  • Modelling for the Haj in Saudi.