About us

About us

The Institute of Railway Technology (IRT) at Monash University is the premier track and vehicle railway research centre in Australia, and enjoys an international reputation for excellence in railway research. IRT is one of the main technology service providers to heavy haul railway operations and leading mass transit railway systems, and provides a "one-stop" technology access point for the international railway industry. IRT evolved from BHP's Melbourne Research Laboratories (MRL) in January 2000, and together with its predecessor has been advancing the railway industry through technology for over 40 years.  

The institute has an established track record in solving railway related technical issues, and its solutions have been adopted by railway systems throughout the world.

The institute's comprehensive and systematic approach to problem solving using its team of experienced technical specialists has led to significant savings to its customers' operating and capital costs, surpassing all expectations and providing value added environmental benefits.

The Institute of Railway Technology is continuously developing new technologies to support increasing productivity and safety requirements at the same time as reducing risks and costs, ultimately improving the bottom line for their clients.