Dynamic Modelling

The Institute of Railway Technology has significant experience in dynamic modelling and simulation of railway vehicles. IRT capabilities in vehicle dynamics modelling provides efficient solutions to the railway industry in many areas such as wheel-rail interface related issues, rollingstock performance, laboratory testing, in-service monitoring, data analysis and expert interpretation. An advanced level of investigation and analysis of dynamic performance of rollingstock and components is performed utilizing IRT's extensive dynamic modelling expertise in conjunction with data from the highly reliable instrumented ore car (IOC) platforms. 

Key areas of expertise are:

  • Wheel-rail contact modelling
  • Assessment of damage (wear and rolling contact fatigue) in wheel-rail contact
  • Dynamic wagon and component testing
  • Dynamic structural modelling
  • Longitudinal train dynamics and driving strategies
  • Vehicle performance assessment including stability and ride quality
  • Service life assessment and analysis
  • Vehicle-track interaction
  • Vehicle component assessment including brakes, couplers, and suspension
  • Derailment investigation, cause identification and risk mitigation
  • Production throughput studies and axle load evaluation