Sensor Technology

IRT has extensive experience in data monitoring and analysis, which is critical to all aspects of understanding physical processes including validation of models, and constrain future predictions.  At Monash University, monitoring technologies are being developed and tested, including in-situ, proximal and remote sensing platforms.

Application areas range from monitoring structural health, to temporal evolution of the natural environment using ground, air and satellite platforms.

Areas include:

  • Fine element analysis and optimisation;
  • Residual stress and thermal stress analysis;
  • Computational mechanics;
  • Dynamic modelling and loading;
  • Instrumentation (online stress reaction and strain);
  • Thermo-mechanical analysis of forming processes;
  • Monitoring technologies that utilise GPS signals and mobile phone tower signal to monitor pipeline failure using strain sensor networks and measuring leakage; and
  • Embedded sensor technologies to monitor structural integrity of infrastructure/ buildings.