Transport planning and design

IRT possesses broader capabilities through Monash’s Public Transport Research Group research on public transport systems across multi-disciplinary and varied areas which loosely focus on research associated with public transport and strategic planning, travel demand management, travel behaviour, transit safety, transport economics, land use and transit, travel modelling, operations modelling and planning for major special events.

The Public Transport Research Group also work closely with  Monash’s Arts, Design and Architecture Department (MADA) and their Mobility Design Lab (MDL) where The Lab’s industrial designers, architects and communication designers work at the intersection of the passenger and transport infrastructure in its various forms.

Areas include:

  • Public transport design;
  • Industrial design i.e. user experience and interface;
  • Communication design;
  • Passenger user experience;
  • Visualisation;
  • Interior and Exterior appearance and interface;
  • Unplanned rail disruptions and how to manage;
  • Cross disciplinary research;
  • Human factors and behaviour;
  • Demand forecasting;
  • People movements (MEAD);
  • Strategic route and network planning in rail;
  • Ridership forecasting and rail user behaviour and experience;