Building Mixity!: shortlisted for a 2019 Australian Urban Design Award

“Building Mixity!” – a new book by Monash University lecturers Maud Cassaignau and Markus Jung with Matthew Xue – is now available from Monash University Publishing. (ISBN 978-1-925523-51-5)

The book was recently shortlisted in the Leadership, advocacy and research – local and neighbourhood scale category of the 2019 Australian Urban Design Awards.

"Building Mixity!" challenges the status quo of expansive and unequal development in Melbourne, Australia via an investigation of Melbourne’s post-industrial suburb of Cremorne. How can the coexistence of old and new, of diversity of urban fabric, spaces, but also of inhabitants, economies, programs and architectures be preserved in a context of extreme investment pressures by designers, planners and decision makers?

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