CCS Annual Postgraduate Research Symposium 2015

2015 Postgraduate committee
2015 CCS postgraduate symposium planning committee (LtoR, Ms Kristina Zaldivia, Dr Jodie Abramovitch, Ms Shauna French, Ms My-Nhan Nguyen, Ms Elizabeth Thomas, Ms Erica Kim, Ms Liriye Kurtovic)

"Of the students, by the students, for the students"

Central Clinical school's 8th annual postgraduate symposium aims to improve the visibility of students and their research projects on a larger scale and celebrate their achievements.  PhD students from across the AMREP precinct: Baker IDI, Burnet Institutes and Monash University's Central Clinical School have the opportunity to explain their research to other students, and by participating, will foster collaborations, networking and a greater awareness of the expertise and research being conducted at AMREP.   Students choose to do either oral and/or poster presentations, which are judged by a panel of senior academics and postdocs. Attractive monetary prizes were awarded for outstanding work.

2015 Postgraduate Winners

  • Most outstanding oral presentation: Ms Jessica Anania, Burnet Institute
  • Most outstanding poster presentation: Ms Caroline Tuck, Department of Gastroenterology
  • Second place oral presentation: Ms Dragana Dragolijevic, Baker IDI
  • Second place poster presentation: Mr Man Kit Lee, Baker IDI
  • Most creative oral presentation: Ms Gabrielle Freedman, MAPRc

Supervisors/lab heads get a chance to shine (and be critiqued) as well in the following sessions:

"No-Bell Prize" competition (introduced at the 2013 symposium)

Students nominate their supervisors or lab heads to contest for best non-technical communication and are judged by students.  The interviewee who uses the least number of jargon words wins the session and a prize.  See more.

  • 2015 "No Bell Prize" Winner: Dr Steven Petratos, Department of Medicine

Explain My Graph (introduced at the 2014 symposium)

In this extempore session, participants are given 3-4 data and summary slides from outside their specialty area and will have to present these slides to the audience. Each speaker gets 5 minutes to present the slides, followed by 2 minutes of questions from the audience. The best presenter wins the session and a prize.

  • 2015 "Explain my Graph" Winner: Dr Ricardo Ataide, Burnet Institute

Planning committee members:

  • Ms Erica Kim
  • Ms Ashlee Conway
  • Dr Jodie Abramovitch
  • Ms Kristina Zaldivia
  • Ms Elizabeth Thomas
  • Ms Lydia Kurtovic
  • Ms My-Nhan Nguyen
  • Ms Shauna French

This symposium is "Of the students, by the students, for the students", where current PhD students run the program including chairing and presentations.  Please see the 2015 symposium booklet for presentation details

Graduate Research Symposium Archive

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