Alfred Health medical electives (Inclusive of Caulfield and Sandringham)

Medical students can undertake elective placements in a variety of specialties across the Alfred Health sites. Medical Electives at Alfred Health allow students to explore a chosen medical or surgical discipline, in a setting different from that of their primary training. Medical Electives are supervised by specialists in a range of disciplines. Students may have the opportunity to attend ward rounds, tutorials, lectures, operations, and to interview and examine patients (subject to variation, according to the selected discipline).

Applying for Medical Elective Program

2020 ApplicationsApplications OpenApplications Close
First Round Applications*1st of July30th of September
Second Round Applications**1st of November 2019Ongoing but with limited choices

*It is highly recommended that you apply for a medical elective between the First Round dates for ensure the highest likelihood that you will receive one of your preferences. The success of First Round Applications will be released to applicants by the 31st of October.

**Second Round Applications will be subject to a reduced selection of electives and will also be subject to a month long processing period.

Medical Elective Program Requirements

Appropriate Experience

Students must be in the final year of their medical degree at the time of the Clinical Elective. There are no available Junior Electives and students must have had a minimum of 1 year of previous clinical experience in a hospital. This elective must also be part of your own university elective period.  

Duration of the Clinical Elective Period

Clinical Electives are offered from a minimum period of 4 weeks to a maximum of 6 weeks, subject to availability.  All elective disciplines start on a Monday and finish on a Friday and all elective participants are required to attend orientation.

Administration Fee

Once you have received confirmation that your application has been accepted you will be requested to provide an adminstrative payment of $A770 via the provided payment gateway. This fee is to cover the administrative costs and is non-refundable. This is the only charge required for your elective. Any prepayment of this fee DOES NOT guarantee acceptance. Payment should only be made once you have received instruction to do so.

International Students

Fluency in written and spoken English is a requirement.

Students should contact the Australian Embassy (Diplomatic post) in their own country for visa requirements and permissible length of stay, as Clinical Electives are subject to a visa being granted.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the appropriate visa for entry and temporary residence in Australia is obtained. Alfred Health is unable to act as a sponsor on your behalf and will not complete sponsorship forms for a study visa.


Students must arrange the following insurance and forward a copy of the documents to the Elective Coordinator prior to commencement of the elective:

  • Professional Indemnity / Medical Malpractice (Minimum: $20,000,000 AUD)
  • Public Liability (Minimum: $20,000,000 AUD)
  • Personal Accident Insurance  

If your insurance is provided by your university (as is commonly the case) please forward the relevant supporting documentation. We also recommend that international students obtain appropriate personal travel/health insurance.


Students are responsible for arranging their own accommodation, Alfred Health does not provide accommodation.

You can find information regarding accommodation options at

The Alfred Health is located approximately 5km from the Melbourne CBD and you can use public transport (tram, train or bus) to the hospital site.

Cancellation of Placement

If at anytime an applicant wishes to withdraw an application or cancel an offer of placement, this should be done immediately via e-mail to Please Note: Administration fees, once paid, will NOT be refunded.

Dress Code

Neat professional attire required, please refer to attached Dress Code for Medical Students.

Interaction with staff

As an elective medical student you are a colleague of the staff in the clinical environment. Alfred Health expectations are that all staff and students will behave in a professional manner. Harassment and bullying are not acceptable.

Patient Privacy

We expect a polite, considerate attitude to patients. Respect your patient's privacy - make sure no identifiable information about your patients is removed from Alfred Health. Do not discuss patients with non-clinical staff, or with you your non-medical friends. When discussing "cases" try to avoid identifying the patient, and focus on the clinical issues.

Should you have any further questions please contact us at: