2015 Central Clinical School Translational Research symposium

Barry Firkin, James Rankin

Barry Firkin (right) with colleague James Rankin. His interest in medical research started in undergraduate years. Image ©The University of Sydney

Translational Research Symposium and
Department of Medicine 50th anniversary

How do we speed up the basic findings of medical research into clinical practice, without any compromise of research quality? An outstanding scientific program held on 30 September 2015 featured leading translational medical researchers from Monash University and Melbourne’s premier research institutes in Monash’s inaugural Translational Research in Medicine Symposium. Our speakers were from across the medical continuum, giving case studies on what has worked best to expedite discovery to application.

The symposium included the celebration of 50 years since the founding of the Monash University Department of Medicine at the Alfred Hospital.

About the Department

The Monash Department of Medicine was established in 1965, with Professor Bryan Hudson as Foundation chair. The Department at the Alfred started in 1968 under the leadership of Professor Barry Firkin, who was succeeded in 1992 by Professor Nip Thomson AM. Professor Stephen Jane became Head of the Department of Medicine and Head of Central Clinical School in 2011.


Translational Research (TR) Young Investigator Poster competition

A poster competition of the work of graduate research students and early career researchers was held, and won by Dr Rebecca Segrave of Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre.

See Abstract booklet (496 kb pdf)


Invited Speakers
09.00 am Prof Hatem Salem AM: The Department of Medicine at the Alfred Hospital: A dream beginning
Prof Nip Thomson AM: The Department of Medicine 1992-2010 - from the ridiculous to the sublime.
09:40 am Prof Ingrid Scheffer (University of Melbourne): Translational science - the goal of the clinician-scientist
10:30 am Tea/Coffee
11:00 am Prof Ian Street (WEHI): Bridging the gap between biological hypothesis and new medicine
11:30 am Prof Steve Wesselingh (SAHMRI): The Medical Research Career Path: Is there a right way?
12:00 pm Prof Jayashri Kulkami (MAPrc, CCS): Psychiatry in the 21st century
12:25 pm   Lunch
1:25 pm Prof Ian Davis (EHCS): Cancer - I used to understand it.
1:50 pm Prof Eric Morand (SCS): The curse of steroids in Lupus - and a way forward
2:15 pm Prof Robyn O’Hehir (Alfred Health/CCS): InSPIREd therapy for allergies (synthetic peptide immuno-regulatory epitopes)
2:40 pm Dr Jane Muir (CCS): The FODMAP evolution - Pieces of a puzzle to high quality evidence to translation into clinical practice
3:05 pm Prof Kit Fairley (CCS): Why sex work legislation matters to everyone
3:30 pm  Coffee break
4:00 pm Prof Euan Wallace (SCS, Hudson Institute): How basic science informs clinical trials. Lessons from perinatal medicine
4:25 pm Assoc Prof Suresh Sundram (SCS): Evidence for biomarker development in schizophrenia sub-groups
4:50 pm Prof David Curtis (Australian Centre for Blood Diseases): Mighty Mouse or Mickey Mouse?
5:15 pm Prof Christina Mitchell (Dean of Medicine, Monash University): Summary
Prof Stephen Jane (CCS) & Director Translation Research Program
6:00 pm Drinks/Posters/Industry and Pharma displays
8:00 pm Close


We thank our partners and sponsors for their generous support of this event.

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