EPRD focuses its research effort in areas of embryology, andrology, cryo-genetics, wound healing and fibrosis. Most of EPRDs research is based on the small research projects in-built within the two coursework degrees: GradDipRepSi and MClinEmb, However EPRD staff also take on a limited number of honours, MRepSc and PhD students in the following areas

  • Sperm DNA analysis
  • Oocyte and embryo vitrification
  • In vitro oocyte maturation in laboratory, domestic and endangered animals
  • Fertility preservation:
  • Vitrification of ovarian tissue and follicles
  • In vitro and in vivo growth of follicles
  • Toxicity testing using sperm and embryos
  • Developing embryos for gender bias / selection
  • Population genetics and parentage analysis
  • Wound healing and fibrosis

Industry/Commercialisation /Investment/Contract Research Opportunities

EPRD is currently involved with the following organisations in relation to product testing, research development and commercialisation:

  • Peranta Biosciences
  • Melbourne Aquarium
  • Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery
  • APSEF (Advanced Plastic Surgery Education Foundation)
  • IVF supply companies - Cook, Origio, LifeGlobal, Sage, Gytec, Kitazato, Tek-event
  • Ferring