Short courses, workshops and observerships

4 day Introduction to Embryology Short Course,  August 27-30 2018

This short course will provide hands-on  practical skills development in andrology, embryo culture, IVF and vitrification  techniques (ICSI and biopsy for the more advanced participants), with the  theory and quality management of the techniques explained in discussions and  lectures

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We also offer individualized training on demand

IVF clinics worldwide are moving rapidly towards individual and clinic accreditation. Professional development is becoming a requirement for embryology and related staff working in IVF clinics and human fertility services to provide state-of-the-art knowledge and practical skills and to prepare them for any accreditation requirements. The Education Program in Reproduction and Development offers a range of on- and off-campus practical workshops and short courses geared to employers and employees within the IVF Industry. Courses are designed to be flexible and training is arranged to suit individuals or groups, depending on resources, requirements and skills.  We can also help arrange a clinical observership, which will be primarily based at Monash IVF.

A suggested list of workshops is outlined below but we can also cater to individuals or groups looking for professional development in any group of selected topics. For more information about courses, costs or how to apply, contact: Dr Sally Catt, (+61) 3 9594 7434 Email:

On-campus workshops (hands on)
  1. Basic IVF (beginners course)
  2. Semen analysis
  3. Vitrification, oocytes and embryos
  4. ICSI, Advanced sperm retrieval and assessment techniques
  5. Assisted hatching and Biopsy and fixation techniques
  6. Setting up and controlling an IVF laboratory to maximise results
In-clinic workshops
  1. Vitrification: oocytes and embryos
  2. Independent monitoring of laboratory environment and lab design
  3. Monitoring laboratory performance measures to maximise results and pinpoint problems
  4. Database management and witnessing systems
Professional development courses, theory only, available on and off campus
  1. Introduction to embryology &  implantation
  2. Controlled ovarian stimulation, IVM and natural cycles: their role in ART
  3. Andrology: Semen analysis and IUI
  4. Embryo culture: optimising conditions
  5. ICSI
  6. Cryopreservation and cryo-banking
  7. PGD and stem cell technology
  8. Total quality management
  9. Ethics in ART
Costs and benefits

Costs will range from $1000-$10 000 but will vary dependent on length, content, number of participants and level of assessment.  Those courses or workshops that involve assessment may be used as ‘required prior learning’ to our degree courses or indeed other professional courses (CREI for example). Depending on results achieved in modules/workshops, we may provide ‘unit credits’ for EPRD coursework degree courses (MClinEmb and GradDipRepSc). All course attendees will receive a certificate

Clinical Observership, exclusive, 1 per fortnight or month

Monash IVF sessions include: observing consultations with Monash IVF Doctors, scheduling meetings, viewing IVF procedures under the supervision of the Clayton clinical fellow

EPRD sessions include lab orientation, discussion and demonstrations Discussion topics include: Embryo Culture, Vitrification, ICSI, PGD, Quality control and Lab/Clinic design. Demonstrations include: Embryo culture, vitrification, ICSI, Biopsy/PGD. Cost: Variable on length of stay, approx $5000/week