Adolescent Medical Unit

About the Adolescent Medical Unit

The Adolescent Medical Unit is associated with ward 42 South of Monash Medical Centre. The Head of the Unit is Dr Caroline Clarke; a Paediatrician who specialises in looking after adolescents.

Find out more about Child and adolescent services at Monash Health, Early in Life Mental Health Service at the Monash Children's Hospital and the Centre for Developmental Psychiatry and Psychology (CDPP) in the Department of Psychiatry, School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health.

Ward 42 South

Adolescents who are admitted to this ward are usually:

  • between 13 and 18 years of age
  • have presented to the Accident and Emergency Department or have come through their specialist doctor
  • all reviewed by the Adolescent Medical Unit during their weekly meeting in regard to any psychosocial problems (regardless of who their doctor is)
  • seen by the ward social worker if there are any problems they would like to discuss (contact Kathleen Latage + 61 3 9550 2290)
  • reviewed by the ward teacher who can sort out any potential schooling difficulties.

Adolescent outpatient services

Any young person between the ages of 12-18 years old with a medical problem that appears complicated and non urgent may be referred to this clinic by either a paediatrician, a local general practitioner, allied health practitioners or youth workers.

Referral must be by letter to:

Adolescent Outpatients
Clinic A
Outpatient Bookings
Monash Medical Centre
246 Clayton Road, Clayton
VIC 3168

Any enquiries may be made to Dr Caroline Clarke on + 61 3 9550 4493.