About us

Our internationally recognised medical training provides  world class education in foundations of medicine. Students have access to one medical program with two entry points: a direct-entry program for school leavers – the only one of its’s kind in Victoria – and a graduate entry program  for students who have completed a degree. As of 2017 the Bachelor of Medical  Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD) will replace the Bachelor of Medicine  and Bachelor of Surgery (Honours) MBBS. The new program will be focussed,  as before, on preparing graduates for medical practice with a strong focus on  patient safety as well as enhanced research and professional practice skills to equip Monash Graduates to improve the health of our communities locally and  globally.

The course will focus on the foundations of medicine  including Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Neurosciences, as well as intensive clinical training in all disciplines including Medicine, Surgery,  Women's and Children's Health, Mental Health, Primary Health and Rural Health.  Available to both Australian and international students, our program is  designed for those committed to professional training, academic excellence as  well as personal and professional development.