Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours)

Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) is a one year degree for medical students and graduates. The degree is an important part of your commitment to be at the forefront of medical research. The programme embeds students in a research setting with Australian and internationally recognised researchers. This introduces them to research practice. Students learn skills relating to data analysis and the communication of scientific ideas in oral presentations and a written thesis. The Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) programme offers candidates a range of projects across an array of research streams, matching student interests to projects respectively.

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Is Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) for me?

The Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) research programme provides students with the opportunity to develop a number of important attributes:

  • identify, retrieve, interpret and critically review the clinical and scientific literature in their field
  • demonstrate advanced knowledge and technical skills in their chosen area of research
  • develop, apply, integrate and generate clinical and/or scientific data using theoretical, experimental and computational approaches
  • communicate ideas and results effectively to diverse audiences and in a variety of written and oral formats
  • demonstrate the ability to work independently to undertake a scientific literature review and to prepare presentations
  • demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively to design, develop, implement and analyse a research

Staying Healthy in a Virtual World

The Medical Deans of Australia and New Zealand have curated some content related to everyone's rather sudden move to working from home and online - now published on their website.

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