Bonded Medical Places (BMP)

Bonded Medical Places (BMP) Scheme - Direct Entry & Graduate Entry

Approximately 28% of CSP places in university medical programs across Australia must be set aside for the Federal Government's Bonded Medical Places (BMP) scheme.  Students who accept their offer for a Bonded Medical Place will be required by the government to practice in a designated area of medical need at the completion of their training. An area of medical need will be a district of workforce shortage as defined by the Australian Government.

Key features of  a Bonded Medical Place:

  • a standard three (3) year Return of Service Obligation (RoSO) - to be completed over an eighteen (18) year period.
  • a wide range of options as to when, where and how students choose to complete their RoSO within the Program’s time frame and requirements.
  • non-continuous, full or part-time work, and fly-in/fly-out work in eligible locations may be counted towards RoSO
  • may complete up to 50% of your RoSo pre-fellowship and complete the remaining RoSO  post fellowship.
  • more choice and more locations with students able to complete their RoSO in Modified Monash Model (MMM) 2-7 locations, and in Distribution Priority Areas (DPA) for General Practitioners or District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) for Specialists for their medical speciality
  • no restrictions on working in areas which are not eligible for RoSO during the 18-year period

Graduate Entry applicants will be allocated by the Faculty.

Direct Entry applicants will apply for a bonded medical place via VTAC as a preference.

The Department of Health has a portal -  Bonded Return of Service System (BRoSS) to assist with the administrative requirements of all participants.  It supports participants throughout each phase of their medical career from commencement as a bonded student until all return of service obligations under the program have been met.

For further information

The Department of Health has developed a webinar and prospective student booklet to assist prospective students with all the information around the Bonded Medical Program. This includes:

  • The Program
  • Bonded Return of Service System (BRoSS)
  • Conditions and requirements
  • Your  obligations
  • Return of Service  and what happens if I don't return service
  • Where can I  work
  • Where to go for support and further documentation


Information for Prospective Students Webinar


Fact Sheets

The Bonded Medical Program

Bonded Return of Service System