Simulated Patients Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the Monash Simulated Patients Program.

Only people allowed to work in Australia may apply for this position. To confirm eligibility to work in Australia, HR require a sighted copy of one of the following:

Australian Citizens

  • A valid Australian Passport; or
  • An expired Australian Passport plus an Australian Driver’s Licence (or ID with photo) or
  • Australian Birth Certificate (if born before 20/8/1986) showing at least one parent was born in Australia plus an Australian Driver’s Licence (or ID with photo) or
  • Certificate of evidence of Australian Citizenship plus an Australian Driver’s Licence (or ID photo)

Non-Australian citizens

  • Valid passport and visa evidence with work rights or
  • Valid passport and successful Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) Check showing work rights.

Who are Simulated Patients?

Simulated patients are individuals from different backgrounds who are trained to portray a variety of patient presentations and who play a vital role in the learning, teaching and assessment of health professional students.

What is a simulated patient required to do?

Depending on the portrayed role, simulated patients may be asked to;

  • memorise a patient’s history and provide the information to the student as per the role instructions
  • memorise the explanation given by students and be ready to repeat that explanation if asked by the student
  • be ready to be examined (non-invasively) by a health professional student or tutor

What are the most important requirements that we look for when recruiting simulated patients?

  • English language proficiency (both verbal and written)
  • Confidentiality – The role you are playing is for examination purposes, it is vitally important that you keep all documents pertaining to the role confidential and do not discuss them with any third party.
  • Reliability – We rely on Sim Patients coming in on the day of the exam prepared and ready for the role
  • Punctuality – We need Simulated Patients to arrive promptly for exams as there is usually another training session on the morning of the exams.
  • Ability to simulate the patient role as directed.
  • You are required to let us know if you have a conflict of interest (friend or relative studying Medicine).

Are there any health conditions that preclude someone from being a simulated patient?

This depends of the role being played. For example, a Simulated Patient with knee problems might not be suitable for a knee examination simulation, but may be suitable for a history taking role or examination of another area (eg the shoulder, respiratory system etc)

An email describing the requirements of the role will be sent to select simulated patients. Simulated patient can then review the requirements and see if they are suitable or unsuitable for the role. Simulated patients should then respond to the email stating their availability for the role. If they are unsuitable for the role, or unable to perform it for any other reason (eg not available on the day required) they respond that they are unavailable. Simulated patients are NOT required to divulge the reason behind their unavailability. If the simulated patient has any queries about their suitability, these can be directed to the simulated patient-trainer.

This application does not constitute an offer of employment. Once you complete and submit the form, we will put you on our database and contact you when suitable Simulated Patient work is available. We require simulated patients on an occasional basis. Our busiest times are usually in November.

Your personal information will be stored on a database that will be accessible to staff involved in the simulated patient recruitment, selection and training only. All personal information will be handled in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic).

Please complete and submit your application form below.

The rate for this position is $43.38 per hour.

Please refer to the online Monash University OH&S Induction at:

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Your personal information will be handled in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic). Non staff should refer to the Monash University Privacy Collection Statement, staff should refer to the HR Privacy Collection Statement.