Occupational Cohort Studies

We have a strong legacy in occupational cohort studies, investigating the prevalences of, and associations between, occupational exposures and cancers, lung diseases, cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, haematological and neurological conditions, immunological changes and other health effects.

Environmental Health Studies

We have a comprehensive program of completed studies exploring the effects of air pollution, bushfire smoke, electromagnetic energy and other community-level exposures. We currently focus on the landmark Hazelwood Health Study study on behalf of the Victorian Government, identifying health outcomes in community members exposed to the 2009 Hazelwood Mine Fire.

Commissioned Reviews and Reports

Occupational Disease Registries

Registries provide a robust, systematic environment in which to store health information that can be used to monitor prevalence data, clinical outcomes and quality of care, all of which can inform best practice and identify workplace-related disease cluster outbreaks early. The School leads the way in registry management, with over 30 clinical registries managed in-house.

Veteran Health Research Portfolio

Veterans are a unique and potentially vulnerable cohort who are at increased risk of physical and mental health challenges arising from the nature of their work in the services. We’ve contributed a large body of evidence to underpin the delivery of support programs and resources aimed at those who have delivered great service to our country.