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Centre / Program Management

Clinical Occupational Medicine Program Coordinator

PhD students

  • Des Gul
  • Fiona Hore-Lacy
  • Ryan Hoy
  • Rohan Mate
  • Pei Yu

Adjunct appointments

  • Prof Tim Driscoll
  • Prof Brian Priestly
  • Prof Tony LaMontagne
  • Prof Lin Fritschi
  • A/Prof Roger Drew
  • Dr Martine Dennekamp
  • Dr David Elder
  • Dr David Fish
  • Dr Bruce Hocking
  • Dr Robyn Horsley
  • Dr Jan Hoving
  • Dr Narges Khanjani
  • Dr Agnieszka (Iggy) Kosny
  • Dr Cassandra Wright
  • Dr Mary Wyatt

PhD opportunities available

MonCOEH is now seeking PhD students for completing a PhD on one of a range of our projects. We have a large number of completed and ongoing cohort studies with rich data sets ready for analysis and publication.

View our research projects and visit the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine's doctoral information page to assess your eligibility and other requirements of the program.

Contact the Doctoral Program Administrator with any queries by emailing sphpm-doctoral-admin@monash.edu.