Heavy vehicle crashes in urban areas

Federal Office of Road Safety - Contract report 155

Authors: P. Sweatman, K. Ogden, N. Haworth, B. Corben, G. Rechnizter & K. Diamantopoulou

Full report in .pdf format [4.7MB]


Research into the types, severity and causes of crashes involving heavy vehicles in urban Australia was carried out and countermeasures were recommended to reduce the incidence and severity of such crashes. The project included literature review, mass data analysis, detailed post-crash analysis of fatal crashes, analysis of accident black spots and in-depth investigation. The study found significant deficiencies in driver, rider and pedestrian behaviour which directly relate to the causation of severe crashes. The critical importance of the traffic engineering design of controlled and uncontrolled intersections has been highlighted. The design of heavy vehicles for operation in urban areas also needs improvement and measures to reduce heavy vehicle aggressivity and to redress deficiencies in the driver's field of view are needed.