Infant Bassinet and Child Restraint Use Survey

Monash University Accident Research Centre - Report #1 - 1988

Full report in pdf format [230KB]

Authors: P. Smith & A. Drummond


This report details an infant and child restraint use survey conducted during December 1987. The survey focussed on restraint use rates for infants and children in different seating positions (although restraint use by drivers was also collected), especially the extent of incorrect wearing and/or fitting of restraints used by children.

Sampling was conducted in the metropolitan area and in four provincial towns. Data were collected at both signalised intersections close to shopping centres and child care centres. The general conclusions drawn from this study were;

  • a sizeable number of infants were incorrectly restrained as a result of incorrect fitting of infant safety bassinets
  • the proportion of correctly restrained occupants aged 1 7 years was reduced considerably by the incorrect wearing of correctly fitted restraints
  • children aged 8 years or older exhibit similar restraint use patterns to adult passengers in that failure to use a restraint at all is the major problem, particularly in the rear seat.

Sponsor: Road Traffic Authority