Advanced Technology and Road Safety

Monash University Accident Research Centre - Report #6 - 1989

Author: D. Howie

Full report in .pdf format [1MB]


Advanced technologies are being applied to many transportation problems. There in an opportunity to tackle some of the seemingly intractable problems in the road safety area by innovative application of emerging technologies. This report reviews the range of technologies being developed which are potential candidates in the road safety field. It concludes that Australian road safety agencies should direct their attention to technologies which show promise to provide:

  • video based vehicle detection particularly for use with existing traffic control systems;
  • traffic incident detection and driver warning systems;
  • expert systems to improve the identification of traffic hazards and selection of appropriate countermeasures;
  • an in-vehicle recorder of pre-crash vehicle characteristics: and
  • automatic vehicle identification technology for speed detection and other traffic control measures.

Sponsor: Road Traffic Authority and Transport Accident Commission