Hospitalised Injuries Victoria, July 1987-June 1993

Monash University Accident Research Centre - Report #67 - 1995

Author: G. Watt

Full report in .pdf format [4.9MB]


Data relating to admissions to Victorian public hospitals for the six years July 1987 to June 1993 were analysed to determine frequencies, rates, trends and hospital use for selected injury causes.

The major causes of injury, and their rates, have not changed markedly over the last few years with falls still being the major cause of hospitalisation injury. The average annual all-age all-cause rate of injury was found to be 1,620 per 100,000 persons, with the highest rates of injury being seen in the over 60 years groups. Young persons, especially males, had the highest frequency of injury.

The time trend of the all-age all-cause injury rate was found to be increasing significantly, notwithstanding the reducing rate of injury due to transport injury.

Patients classified as having medical injuries accounted for the highest rate of hospital bed use.

Recommendations have been made for further necessary research and a continuation of the work currently in progress. Economic analyses of major injury causes are urgently needed.

Sponsor: Department of Health and Community Services (Victoria)