The Victorian Parliamentary Road Safety Committee – A History of Inquiries and Outcomes

Monash University Accident Research Centre - Report #237 [2005]

Authors: B. Clark, N. Haworth & M. Lenné

Full report in .pdf format [9.4MB]


The Parliamentary Road Safety Committee (and Social Development Committee) has played an integral role in informing Parliament on road safety issues within Victoria since its inception in 1967. This information has resulted in the introduction of road safety initiatives that have been associated with significant reductions in injury and fatality on Victorian roads. This report documents a history of the Committee’s Inquiries and Outcomes. Over the life of the Committee 45 completed and 2 current Inquiries have addressed the following themes (including the number of times this topic has been addressed): Alcohol/Drugs (10); Licensing/demerits points (7); Roadworthiness and vehicle design/safety features (6); Children/Pedestrians (6); Speed limits (5); Motorcycles/Mopeds (5); General road safety (5); Rural road safety (2); and Older road users (1). It is pertinent to note that the focus of earlier Inquiries was on driver behaviour and licensing, whereas only recently has road infrastructure become the topic of Inquiries. This reflects Victoria’s approach to road safety which has focussed on enforcement and regulatory systems to address unsafe behaviours. The Committee has faced many challenges, some of which have arisen as a result of the Committee’s association with the Parliamentary Term, such as time constraints, delays, continuity, and available expertise. Support from the key road safety agencies is reported over the history of the Committee, although these relationships have been challenged at times. While the Committee’s impact on road safety in Victoria has been significant, there is perhaps scope to examine how the Committee’s role could be further enhanced.

Sponsoring organisation - Baseline Research Program - Department of Justice, Transport Accident Commission, VicRoads

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