ANCIS – Progress Report, July 2003 – December 2005

Monash University Accident Research Centre - Report #247 [2006]

Authors: Logan D.B., Scully J., Sharwood L.N., Xafis V., Fildes B.

Full report in .pdf format [1.1MB]


ANCIS (The Australian National Crash In-depth Study) is a collaborative research program involving the automotive manufacturing industry, State and Federal Government agencies, the insurance industry and Australian automobile associations. In-depth data on a representative sample of passenger vehicle crashes is collected currently in Victoria and New South Wales, along with a completed pilot study in Tasmania. The main entry criterion is severe crashes where at least one occupant has been hospitalised as a result of the crash. Information collected includes occupant injuries, vehicle damage and crash causation from a retrospective examination of the crash. This second report describes an analysis of 392 cases contained in the ANCIS database, examining the patterns of crashes and injuries sustained by the occupant(s), the source of their injuries, the extent and severity of damage to the vehicle and the characteristics of the crash. These data are rich in terms of the amount of detail contained in each case and are provided to throw new light on the crashworthiness of the vehicles and aspects of their crash involvement.

Sponsoring organisation - ANCIS Consortium Partners