Publication List - Centre Report Series - 2000

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Key Words
Year /Pages
164 Rechnitzer, G.
Haworth, N.
Kowadlo, N.
The effect of vehicle roadworthiness on crash incidence and severity   2000/78p
.pdf [400KB]
165 Haworth, N.
Smith, R.
Kowadlo, N.
Motorcycle training in Victoria: Evaluation of rider training curriculum in Victoria motorcycle, motorcyclist training 2000/31p
.pdf [120KB]
166 Haworth, N.
Tingvall, C.
Kowadlo, N.
Review of best practice road safety initiatives in the corporate and/or business environment road safety, fleet management 2000/119p
.pdf [550KB]
167 Haworth, N.
Kowadlo, N.
Tingvall, C.
Evaluation of pre-driver education program young driver, driver education 2000/76p
.pdf [520KB]
168 Watson, W.
Ozanne-Smith, J.
Lough, J.
Consumer product-related injuries to children Consumer product safety, children, injury surveillance, falls 2000/166p  
.pdf [1.9MB]
169 Corben, B.F.
Duarte, A.
Injury reduction measures in areas hazardous to pedestrians.  Stage 1: Countermeasure options Accident, injury, pedestrian, traffic engineering, countermeasure, speeding, cost-benefit, speed limit, road environment 2000/39p  
.pdf [6.6MB]
170 Harrison,W.A.
Development and trial of a method to investigate the acceptability of seat belt reminder systems Seat belt, intelligent transport system, technology, acceptability 2000/144p 
.pdf [900KB]
171 Newstead, S.V.
Cameron, M.H.
Le, C.M
Vehicle crashworthiness and aggressivity ratings and crashworthiness by year of vehicle manufacture:  Victoria and NSW crashes during 1987-98, Queensland crashes during 1991-98 Injury, vehicle occupant, collision, passenger car unit, passive safety system, statistics 2000/110p 
.pdf [940KB]
172 Diamantopoulou, K.
Cameron, M.
Shtifelman, M.
Index to measure traffic enforcement effectiveness in each police region of Victoria Enforcement, Police region, casualty crash, structural (state-space) time series model, crash risk 2000/123p
.pdf [1.1MB]
173 Fildes, B.
Digges, K.
Les, M.
Tingvall, C.
Benefits of a 64 km/h offset crash test in Australia Safety, accident, vehicle occupant, injury, countermeasure, cost-benefit, economic, harm, evaluation 2000/54p
.pdf [760KB]
174 Fildes, B.
Vulcan, P., Les, M.
Morris, A.
Benefits of airbag refitment in second-hand cars in New Zealand Drivers, safety, vehicle occupant, injury, cost-benefit, economic, harm, evaluation, countermeasures 2001/41p
.pdf [416KB]
175 Haworth, N.
Bowland, L.
Serious injury single vehicle crashes Single vehicle accident, fatality, drink driving, driver characteristics, vehicle, road environment, pole, vegetation 2000/54p
.pdf [593KB]
176 Haworth, N.
Symmons, M.
Kowadlo, N.
Road safety issues for people from non-English speaking backgrounds NESB, ethnic, safety promotions, language 2000/36p
.pdf [313KB]
177 Newstead, S.V.
Cameron, M.H.
Response by Monash University Accident Research Centre to "Re-investigation of the effectiveness of the Victorian Transport Accident Commission's road safety campaigns" (White, Walker, Glonek and Burns, November 2000) Response; Reanalysis; Evaluation; Trends; Road Crashes; Casualties; Transport Accident Commission; Television Advertising; Mass Media; Campaigns; Enforcement; Speeding; Drink Driving; Unemployment; Leading Index of Economic Indicators; Business Cycle; Econometric Analysis 2000/41p
.pdf [158KB]