Publication List - Centre Report Series - 2012

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Report No. Author Title Key Words Year /Pages
308 Liu, S., Oxley, J., Corben, B. & Young, K. Velocity series discussion paper 4: Factors influencing travel speed Speed, speeding, road safety, countermeasure, behaviour, speed limits, road design, enforcement

pdf [340KB]

309 Newstead, S. & Scully, J. Predicting the used car safety ratings crashworthiness rating from ANCAP scores Crash tests, ANCAP, crashworthiness, safety ratings, UCSR, head injury, vehicle mass 2012/78p
.pdf [2.25MB]
310 Johnson, M. & Le, J. Bike It Baw Baw: Cyclist Safety Issues in the Baw Baw Shire Cyclist safety, regional Victoria, Baw Baw Shire 2012/78p
.pdf [1.80MB]
311 Biegler, P., Newstead, S., Johnson, M., Taylor, J., Mitra, B. & Bullen, S. MACCS Monash Alfred cyclist crash study bicycle, crash, cyclist, injury, in-depth study 2012/61p
.pdf [2.1MB]
312 D'Elia, A., Scully, J. & Newstead, S. Evaluation of Vehicle Side Airbag System Effectiveness Side airbags, statistical evaluation, head protecting airbags, torso protecting airbags, struck side crashes, near side crashes


313 Newstead, S., Watson, L. & Cameron, M.

Vehicle safety ratings estimated from police reported crash data: 2012 update
Australian and New Zealand crashes during 1987-2010

Trends in crashworthiness of the New Zealand vehicle fleet by year of manufacture: 1964 to 2010:
Supplement to Report 313
Vehicle safety ratings estimated from police reported crash data: 2012 update

injury, vehicle occupant, collision, passenger car unit, passive safety system, statistics

.pdf [4.6MB]


.pdf [473KB]

314 Keall, M., Stephan, K., Watson, L. & Newstead, S.

Road safety benefits of vehicle roadworthiness inspections in New Zealand and Victoria

Vehicle roadworthiness, vehicle defects, vehicle safety, crash risk, statistics, data analysis

.pdf [438KB]

315 Budd, L., Scully, M., Newstead, S.V. & Watson, L.

The potential crash and injury reduction benefits of safer vehicle choices for older drivers in Australia and New Zealand

Older drivers,  vehicle choice optimisation, crashworthiness, aggressivity, injury outcome, statistics