Publication List - Centre Report Series - 2014

Report titles with underlined links will take you to an Abstract or Executive Summary of the report.  Complete reports are available in .pdf format free of charge.

Report No. Author Title Key Words Year /Pages
Keall, M., D'Elia, A., Newstead, S. and Watson, L.
Retrospective and Projected Future Impact of Characteristics of the New Zealand and Australian Vehicle Fleet on Pedestrian Injury
Pedestrian injury, fleet projection, pedestrian safety
pdf [2.00MB]
Fildes, B., Newstead, S., Keall, M and Budd, L.
Camera Effectiveness and Backover Collisions with Pedestrians:  A Feasibility Study

Crash, injury outcome, reversing camera, data, feasibility

pdf [3.98MB]
Johnson, M., Chong, D., Carroll, J., Katz, R., Oxley, J., Charlton, J., Naturalistic Cycling Study: Identifying risk factors for cyclists in the Australian Capital Territory
pdf [1.50MB]
Newstead, S., Watson, L. and Cameron, M.
Vehicle Safety Ratings estimated from police reported crash data:  2014 Update
Australian and New Zealand crashes during 1987-2012

Injury, vehicle occupant, collision, passenger car unit, passive safety system, statistics

pdf [9.30MB]

Budd, L & Newstead, S.V.
Potential Safety Benefits of Emerging Crash Avoidance Technologies in Australasian Heavy Vehicles
Safety Benefits, Crash Avoidance Technology,Heavy Vehicles, Electronic Stability Control, Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems, Fatigue Warning Systems, Lane Departure Warning Systems

pdf [2.56MB]

325 Fildes, B & Hamed, S.H.A.
Seatbelt restraint use in the eastern provence of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Seat belts, Child Restraints, Safety, Passenger Cars, Evaluation, Survey, Observation Study, Prevention

pdf [2.27MB]