Transport safety

Simulator facility at MUARC

The Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) was established in 1987 and is Australia's largest and most respected transport safety research centre. Our research, consultancy and training include safety across all modes of transport.

Since our founding we have developed research-based solutions that have led directly to making Australians safer - and have made us an acknowledged leader in the field. We are committed to the excellence of our research, the independence of our recommendations and the engagement we have with the communities  we serve.

We have many clients both national and international, and have forged long-term relationships with a number of key stakeholders including VicRoads, the Transport Accident Commission, the Department of Justice, and Victoria Police.

Research Themes

Our work is conducted across the following priority areas:

In-depth Crash Investigations and Transport Regulation

Our research aims to support regulatory reform and decision-making at state, national and global levels. Underpinning our research is the analysis of key road safety datasets crash reconstruction, modelling and the use of cost-effectiveness methods.

Injury Analysis and Data

Our injury analysis and data researchers have specialist training in the fields of numerical and behavioural sciences, and are skilled in the management, analysis and presentation of accident and injury data to produce real-world benefits.

Behavioural Science for Transport Safety

We engage with local and international government, industry and professional groups, and measure the success and impact of our research when translated into policy and practice.

Human Factors in Transport Systems

Our Human Factors team is able to apply models of system safety to the analysis of safety in multiple settings including transportation, workplace, defence, command and control, process control and product design.