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Scholarship Commencement Kit

Procedures for students COMMENCING in 2016

If you are awarded an APA, MGS, co-funded MGS, IPRS, MIPRS, MSJS, SJMcN, MES, MIRA, MKS, you are required to:

  1. To accept (or decline) the offer via the research degree and scholarship online application portal;
  2. Review the Scholarship Conditions; and
  3. Download the Scholarship Banking Details form, to be submitted upon enrolment.

If you have any questions, check our frequently asked questions page.

Course Offer Letter

A Course Offer letter, which will be issued at a later date, will include:

  • Course details;
  • Supervisory arrangements;
  • Any conditions that may apply;
  • Enrolment dates and procedures;
  • Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Declaration form;
  • Ethics Research Practices form;
  • ISCA (for international students ONLY).

Note: you cannot enrol without this letter.

Queries should be directed to:

International students are advised to read about Overseas Student Health Cover, fees and scholarship information before applying for student visas.

eCoE's can only be issued AFTER you formally accept your course offer.

Commencement dates and deferral requests

Commencement dates

You may apply to defer the commencement of your course/scholarship (to 30th June for Round 1 and 31st December for Round 2), however extenuating circumstances must apply.

  1. You must accept your offer before submitting a request for deferral;
  2. Apply via the Request for Deferral form for Committee approval.

Establishment/Relocation Allowance

An establishment/relocation allowance of $AUD1,000 is available to students who are awarded a scholarship and need relocate to Victoria from within Australia or overseas.

Procedures for CURRENT students awarded a scholarship in 2016

In order for your scholarship payments to commence in 2016 you are required to:

  1. Accept (or decline) the offer via the research degree and scholarship online application portal;
  2. Have re-enrolled for 2016 via WES;
  3. Review the Scholarship Conditions;
  4. Submit completed the Scholarship Banking Details form; unless you hold another scholarship;
  5. Ensure you are enrolled on a full time basis (unless you are taking up a part time scholarship).

Scholarship payments

Scholarship payments are made on a fortnightly basis.