Visiting scholars and dignitaries

MAMU continues to receive a constant stream of visiting scholars, composer scholars, artists and dignitaries over the decades.

Notable past visiting scholars and dignitaries include:

  • Professor Stephen Blum (Department of Music, City University of New York)
  • Professor Judith Becker (Department of Music, University of Michigan)
  • Professor Sumarsam (Wesleyan University)
  • Professor Anthony Seeger (UCLA)
  • Professor Philip Bohlman (Department of Music, University of Chicago)
  • Professor Anne Rasmussen (The College of William and Mary)
  • Professor Cynthia Chou (Stanley Family Chair in Asian Studies, University of Iowa)
  • Professor Anthony Reid (ANU)
  • Professor Barbara Andaya (Department of History, University of Hawaii)
  • Professor Leonard Andaya (Department of History, University of Hawaii)
  • Dr Geoffrey Benjamin (University of Singapore)
  • Dr Patricia Matusky (University of Michigan)
  • Dr Jennifer Fraser (Department of Music, Ohio University)
  • Dr Uwe Paetzold (Robert Schumann University of Music, Dusseldorf)
  • Mr Edward Herbst (Bali 1928 Repatriation Project)
  • Mr David Hanan (retired, formerly Lecturer in Film Studies, Monash University)
  • Dr Amit Sarwal (Endeavour Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Contemporary Histories Research Group (CHRG), Deakin University)
  • Dr Tara Rajkumar AM (formerly Research Fellow, SZCSM, Monash University)
  • Dr David Mitchell (Adjunct Researcher, Music Archive of Monash University)
  • Dr Tuti Gunawan (PhD Alumna, Department of Anthropology, Monash University)
  • Ibu Spica Tutuhatunewa (Consul-General of Indonesia in Victoria and Tasmania)
  • Ms Zou Bin (Cultural Consul of the Consulate-General of the P.R China in Melbourne)
  • and the late Professors Bruno Nettl (Department of Music, University of Illinois), Alan Merriam (Indiana University), and Jose Maceda (University of the Philippines)

Our visiting composer-scholars and artists have included:

  • A.L. Suwardi (STSI Surakarta)
  • Dr Mauly Purba (Department of Ethnomusicology, University of North Sumatra)
  • Adi Lingkepin (Technical Education University, Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia)
  • Dwi Saptarini (Department of Education, Culture and Tourism Department, Tanjung Pinang)