For researchers

Research material in MAMU can be grouped into a number of different media categories:

Commercially-released VHS video recordings

Commercially-released sound recordings (including wax cylinders; 12inch, 10inch, and
7inch LP and 78rpm records; analog and digital cassette tapes; compact discs)

Field recordings – many of which are annotated (including open reel-to-reel tapes, cassette tapes and DAT tapes; minidisks, compact discs; VHS, Beta, Video 8 and MiniDV video tapes; VCDs and DVDs)

Print media – collected in the field or donated (including theses; scores and sheet music; slides and photographs; memorabilia such as scrapbooks, diaries and maps; publications such as newspaper cuttings, pamphlets, journals and books)

Artefacts (including puppets; masks; textiles and costumes)

Rare musical instruments (including rare, fragile and/or historical instruments and orchestras or ensembles from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Japan and more, collected and documented for use in study, research, performance and exhibition projects, as well as for their heritage value)