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Monash digital archive of early Australian music

MAMU has an extensive collection of Australian music from the early colonial period through the mid-20th century.

All the scores included here may be downloaded free for performance and study. While access to the music is free of charge, please note that copyright applies to public performances, recording and broadcast of the materials provided here.

MAMU digital books

Martin Paul Maloney

Tempo, Gratia e Misura: A Study of Fabrizia Corosa's Nobilta di Dame (1600)

This volume presents a detailed study of one of the best known dance manuals from renaissance Italy. It deals with social context in courtly life as well as the music and intricate choreography of the dances selected by Caroso.

This book is a revised version of a 1986 Monash Master of Arts thesis now published to initiate a new series of publications and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music celebrated in 2015.

Although never previously published, this work has circulated among scholars of dance and courtly music in Renaissance Italy and has been frequently cited in the their writings. Accompanying the book is a video reconstructing some of the dances.