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MAMU is located in rooms S410, S413, S414 and S415 on the 4th floor of the Menzies Building, at Monash University’s Clayton Campus (click here for map). The MAMU Display and Listening Rooms are normally open to the public on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons.

Contact us to make an appointment to view or work on the Collections.

Volunteers & Interns

Since 2014, volunteers and interns have become an important part of the MAMU team, with mutual benefits. The Archive’s operations are more efficient thanks to the resulting larger cohort of personnel to assist in daily activities and special events; and the volunteers and interns gain experience in a range of skills including classifying, photographing, digitising, documenting, and researching miscellaneous instruments, textiles, sound and audio-visual media, artefacts and the like – all the while developing best practice methods in the handling and storage of these items.

Most of our volunteers and interns are students, but not necessarily from the School of Music; for example we had an intern who was a visual arts major, so we utilised her skills and, among her many duties, gave her the task of designing the catalogue for one of our exhibitions.

We find that a maximum of 2 interns per semester is most workable in terms of the time available to provide appropriate mentoring. Interns have themed projects which require research and report writing for assessment, and their participation in the internship program gives them up to 12 credit points towards their degrees.

We can accommodate a greater number of volunteers. Before the covid-19 restrictions we had 4 volunteers helping with a variety of projects; for example, one volunteer completed typing the contents of a recent donation of music on vinyl discs.

In addition to our volunteers and interns, MAMU enjoys a mutually beneficial association with the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation at the University of Melbourne whereby the research staff borrow selected items (usually an instrument or artefact) from MAMU for their graduate students to research, repair and conserve, culminating in a thesis, while MAMU is the recipient of improved versions of said items.


Thank you for your interest in making a donation. Founded in 1975, the Music Archive of Monash University has collected invaluable art objects, musical instruments and recorded performances of music, dance, theatre and martial arts in Asia, Australasia, Europe and the Americas for decades. The Archive preserves humanity's cultural legacy, and by giving to the Music Archive of Monash University you can help to continue this legacy.

All gifts are gratefully received, no matter what the size. Donations over $2 are tax-deductible within Australia.