About us

Launched in 2023, Impact Labs at Monash Business School currently consists of six individual multidisciplinary Labs.

  • Digital Lab, a premier research hub in the digital economy. Conducts and performs projects and research in digitalisation relevant to businesses, economy and policy, including big data, online privacy, competition policy and the role of AI in productivity and management, and more.
  • Energy Lab, engages in influential and impactful multidisciplinary research on energy markets in collaboration with industry and policy makers. Bringing together interdisciplinary expertise in market structure, design and behaviour, forecasting, experimental analytics and big data, energy finance and regulation.
  • Green Lab, brings together an cohort of academics and industry experts on the issue of climate change and sustainability, to tackle current and future challenges in the areas of climate change and health, climate finance, climate adaptation and legislative frameworks, climate resilience and wellbeing, economic and financial modelling of climate change, climate accounting including insurance risk and promotion of clean energy and technologies.
  • Mutual Value Lab is a hub for interdisciplinary and applied research on Cooperatives and Mutual Enterprises (CMEs) and mutual value creation. It conducts research on the operation and potential benefits of the CME business model, including how CMEs can help to promote growth, create and sustain markets, deliver competition and choice, and provide economic and social benefits for their members and local communities.
  • Opportunity Tech Lab, seeks to remove inequities in economic participation by identifying challenges and discovering, developing, and delivering opportunities and pathways to dignified and meaningful employment and entrepreneurship for socially disadvantaged, stigmatised and vulnerable groups.
  • SoDa Labs, seeks to enrich the basis for policy and government research by using new tools in data science and machine learning to open up data sources beyond traditional survey instruments and statistical agency reporting. Using sophisticated platform expertise and capabilities at the intersection of empirical, social, computer, and geospatial sciences, the core SoDa team develops the instruments to make previously difficult-to-analyse data available to social science researchers.

Through our six pioneering Labs and their expert networks of change-makers in multiple disciplines, we leverage our research strengths to drive positive change for sustainable societal benefit.