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Applied young economist webinar

The applied young economists webinar, organized by Ashani Amarasinghe (SoDa Laboratories, Monash Business School) and co-hosted by Ivan Yotzov (Warwick University), provides an ideal platform for PhD candidates and Post-Doctoral researchers to connect, interact and engage with each other, while sharing their enthusiasm for the discipline of Economics.

It brings together young economists located in various geographies, conducting empirical research in various fields of Economics, to one virtual location where their high-quality research and ideas can be shared with a broad audience - including faculty members - that extends beyond their home universities.

Economics job market roundtable and Q&A session

The AYEW economics job market roundtable and Q&A session, held on 8 December 2020,  was an opportunity to get an inside view of the academic job market, specifically the economics job market, with representation from both sides of the hiring process.

Professor Sascha Becker (Monash and Warwick University) gave his insights from years of being a member of hiring committees. On the other side of the table, Dr Ludovica Gazze (Warwick) and Dr Weijia Li (Monash), who recently experienced the job market themselves, provided their tips and tricks for those undergoing preparation for this exciting process.

The roundtable discussion was followed by a 30-minute Q&A session where attendees were able to direct their questions to the panelists.

Call for papers 2021

The Applied Young Economist Webinar (AYEW), the highly successful virtual platform designed for early-career researchers in Economics, is seeking high-quality empirical research papers for presentation in 2021.

The webinar is open to early-career economists, including PhD candidates and Post-Doctoral Researchers, located across the world. Presentations take place across two major time zones - Australasia/ US West Coast and Europe/US East Coast. In 2020, the AYEW successfully held more than 50 webinars, attracting high-quality research from emerging scholars and a geographically-diverse audience. The AYEW is facilitated by Monash University’s SoDa Laboratories and the Monash Warwick Alliance. More information on the AYEW, including the past schedule, can be found below.

Preference will be given to empirical papers in the areas of political economy and economic development. We particularly encourage papers using alternative data in all shapes and forms, including satellite imagery, digitised textual sources, internet activity and latency, search terms and trends, social media, news, and more.

All submissions will be subjected to a selection process, and candidates will be notified of the outcome within a few weeks after submission.

If you are a Post-Doctoral Researcher or an advanced PhD Candidate

For any other inquiries, contact Ashani (


AYEW speaker institutions

We have successfully reached a broad global audience over a short period of time, with speakers from over 30 institutions across 4 continents.