Application and approval process

Step 1 - Check your eligibility

To avoid missing out, we recommend that you arrange this appointment at least 2 weeks prior to the closing date.

Step 2 - Select your preferred internship option

There are three main options for internship placement:

Step 3 - Complete the supporting documentation:

In order to apply, you will need to complete and submit the following documents via InPlace:

  • WIL Eligibility Form (which you can request when you complete a Course Progression Check via Student Services)
  • WIL Internship Proposal form
  • Updated resume (Career Connect can provide you with tips on writing your resume).

Log into your Monash student portal and submit an online WIL Internship Application, or see the InPlace Monash Business School Quick Reference Card.

Step 4 - Application assessment

We’ll assess your application to make sure the internship meets Monash Business School requirements. We may ask for an interview with you as part of the process.

Step 5 - Outcome advice and enrolment

We’ll get in touch to let you know the outcome of your application. If successful, your enrolment will be processed and you’ll need to confirm it in WES.

Step 6 - Moodle unit assessment and information

You’ll get access to the relevant Moodle site where you’ll find all the information about your assessment.