Global Immersion Guarantee

Experience the transformative impact of the Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) - Monash's flagship international study initiative.

The delivery of all Monash mobility programs are subject to the advice and requirements of the Australian government and the requirements of the destination country. Monash may need to cancel or defer planned mobility programs based on these requirements. Read more about Monash's response to COVID-19, and plan for reactivating international study.

Where will I travel?

Travel to one of six countries* - India, Fiji, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia or China. Drawing on each country's Monash network, you’ll visit our partner universities and local field sites, learn from local businesses, government, non-government organisations (NGOs), social enterprises and youth groups, among others, about how to respond to the human impact on the environment.

*Not all countries are available for travel in both summer and winter semesters. See each country tab for application and travel dates..

Other students say

India, 2019

One of the key experiences of the trip was seeing how everything we were learning about were actually implemented. It wasn't so much about what was on the next lecture slide, it was about what was outside in society. It wasn't until we got to see the city skyline, visited rural villages, and see the contrasts within it, that it all started coming together. We gained an understanding of the city's development. Seeing the way that NGOs gave back to the communities that needed their help inspired me. Their selflessness motivates me to give back to the community in the same way.

Matthew, Bachelor of Arts

China, 2019

I looked forward to going back to Australia after the trip and really thinking about how, now that I have an insight into these global challenges, how I can solve them in my own community as best I can.

Elizabeth, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Global Studies