GIG destinations present a multitude of resources and experiences for you to conduct fieldwork, work with locals, and experience first-hand the unique environmental and economic issues relevant to the areas. While we do our best to place you at your preferred location, we cannot guarantee you will be placed there.

Most GIG destinations are available to apply for in semester one, and only a few are available to apply for in semester two. Check travel and application dates in each respective country tab below.

The delivery of all Monash mobility programs are subject to the advice and requirements of the Australian government and the requirements of the destination country. Monash may need to cancel or defer planned mobility programs based on these requirements.

Travel inNovember, December, January, February
Apply inSemester one

In India, you'll be based at one of our two partner university campuses in Mumbai, the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) or the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay with OP Jindal Global University.

In the Mumbai program, you'll be working with local students and organisations to understand the environmental challenges faced by one of India’s biggest and most populated cities. You'll learn from local academics, NGOs and businesses to understand the impact that rapid urbanisation has had on the natural environment, and the communities that inhabit them.

In the Delhi program, you will be based at the OP Jindal Global University campus in Sonipat, where you'll be engaging with issues such as rural and urban development and the environment, the Indian response to climate change, and sustainable agriculture, among others.

Travel inNovember, December, June, July
Apply inSemester one and two

Travelling to one of the most environmentally sensitive regions on earth, you will be based at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji. Working with local organisations like Think Pacific, you will learn from and engage with leading local experts, conservationists and advocates about efforts to protect Fiji's fragile ecosystems and prevent the impact of climate change across the region.

Travel inNovember, December, January
Apply inSemester one

In Indonesia, you will travel to two of the country’s 18,000 islands to begin to understand how different communities can balance economic development and environmental sustainability. Based initially at the Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta – the nation’s cultural capital – you will be introduced to some of the biggest environmental challenges faced by one of Australia’s most important regional partners and neighbours.

In the second week, you will travel to Jakarta to see first-hand the impact that climate change is having on the nation's capital. You will be partnered with local students to gain an insight into life around the city and what they are doing to help address pressing issues, including the sinking of Jakarta.

Travel inJanuary
Apply inSemester one

In Italy, you'll be based at the Monash Prato Centre in Tuscany. Here you will be exploring the evolving relationship between communities and the natural environment, and witness first-hand the impact that this has. You will be asked to think about how communities in Italy can balance the changing nature of economic and social development and environmental protection in some of the most widely visited places in the world.

In the middle of the program, you will then visit one of three field sites:

Cinque Terre

You will explore the impact that climate change, rural depopulation, abandonment of agricultural lands, landscape instability and mass tourism is having on the World Heritage area of the Cinque Terre national park.


You will be prompted to think about the impact of tourism and its challenges, like balancing the financial, environmental and community-based implications of the high-levels of tourism in an already uncertain environment. Rising sea levels and increasing levels of water pollution are not only threatening the historical centre of Venice but also the fragile ecosystem of the canals.


Visiting the University of Siena and the Santa Chiara Lab, you will see first-hand how technology and multidisciplinary innovation is being used to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals at the community level, and all around Italy.

Travel inJune, July (Online in 2023)
Apply inSemester one and two

In Malaysia, you will be based in Kuala Lumpur. You'll explore a number of the country’s contemporary sustainability challenges, and undertake a series of seminars and lectures exploring what sustainability means in a context of rapid social, economic and cultural change. You will then travel to Gopeng where you will be staying with a local community, and learning directly from them about the ways they are protecting their natural environment.

Travel inTBC 2024 (Not available in 2023)
Apply inTBC 2024

In China, you'll be based in the dynamic, cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. You'll engage cross-sector to explore issues of sustainability through the economic, environmental and societal lens. There will be a series of seminars that you'll undertake with experts from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. You'll then see both the challenges and solutions first-hand by visiting a range of field sites.

During your time in China, you will connect with dynamic businesses in Shanghai influencing change.