3.6 Employment guidelines

3.6 Employment guidelines for part-time and full-time students

3.6.1 Full-time students

Full-time students are permitted to undertake part-time, paid employment throughout the year.  This employment must not interfere with the requirement of students to devote at least 4 days each week between Monday to Friday inclusive and during normal business hours on each of those days, to the pursuit of their study program. Students are normally expected to be present during standard working hours to enable interaction with their supervisory team as required. They also need to observe any restrictions on hours of work imposed by the conditions of any scholarship they receive.

International students need to be aware that the employment restrictions outlined above apply even though a student visa permits students to work more hours a week.

3.6.2 Part-time students

Where a prospective student is engaged in full-time or substantially full-time employment they will need to provide a statement from their employer to confirm that sufficient time is available to comply with the conditions of part-time enrolment, which require that they devote at least 2 days each week to their study program, where at least one of these days is between Monday and Friday inclusive, and during normal business hours on each of those days

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