Joint research awards

A Joint Award is a research degree in which students undertake one program of study while utilising the resources of two universities. These universities then jointly award a single degree. This collaborative program will be supervised by leading academics both here at Monash and at one of our partner institutions, allowing students to access expertise and resources both at home and abroad.

Joint Award degrees build on existing collaborative relationships between Monash University and our partner institutions, providing students with the opportunity to be at the forefront of world-leading, innovative research whilst developing the academic, professional and personal skills that will allow them to negotiate the global job market as a truly international citizen.

The details of each joint award may vary according to the particular arrangements negotiated between the participating institutions; however, these awards include provisions that meet the regulations of both universities. To receive a joint degree students must abide by the requirements of both institutions.

While Joint Award students are enrolled at both institutions for the full duration of their program, one of the universities will function as their ‘home’ institution and the other will be their ‘host’ institution. The 'home' institution is the university where Joint Award students are primarily based and spend most of their time. The ‘host’ institution is where students will spend a period of at least 12 months.

Joint Award students apply, enrol and graduate at their home institution. Fees are paid to the home institution and any funding opportunities are provided by the home institution.

Monash home students are eligible to apply for centrally allocated scholarships. If Monash is to be the host institution, please check what scholarships and other financial support is available through the home institution.

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