Joint research awards

Conduct part of your research overseas while being jointly supervised by leading academics both here at Monash and at one of our partner institutions.  Through one of our joint awards you will:

  • Conduct your research post-graduate degree and have it recognised by two high-quality institutions.
  • Be supervised by a minimum of two internationally renowned scholars.
  • Access expertise and resources both at home and abroad.
  • Be at the forefront of world-leading, innovative research to develop the academic, professional and personal skills that will enable you to negotiate the global job market as a truly international citizen.

What is a joint award?

A joint award is a generic term for one program of study while utilising the resources of two universities. These universities then jointly award a single degree.The details of each joint award may vary according to the particular arrangements negotiated between the participating institutions; however, these awards include provisions that meet the regulations of both universities.Monash students travel to the partner institutions for a period of 12 months normally after confirmation at Monash has occurred

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