Monash Warwick Alliance

The Monash Warwick Alliance

The future of education lies in global partnership. The Alliance harnesses the collective strengths of two universities from opposite sides of the globe, creating international opportunities for all.

News from the alliance

Exploring ethical futures through the dark lens of dystopia

More than simply a thought-provoking genre of literature, the dark creations of writers of dystopian fiction give us the opportunity to reflect on the present and the future.

Arts & culture

Telescope for detecting optical signals from gravitational waves launched

A new telescope for detecting optical signatures of gravitational waves has officially launched in La Palma. The project, built and operated by international researchers, is partly funded through the Monash Warwick Alliance, an award-winning global partnership between Monash University and the University of Warwick.


Unique program gives Monash and Warwick students a global edge

A recent visit to Monash University by Dr Sophie Reissner-Roubicek, funded through the Monash Warwick Alliance (MWA) Visiting Educators Scheme, enabled the demonstration of new student-centred resources linked to the existing MWA Intercultural Competence Project on which she and Dr Nadine Normand-Marconnet collaborated as academic leads.

University news

Collaboration advances antibiotic research

The Monash Warwick Alliance grew from a shared vision of tackling global challenges with the resources of two ambitious and committed partners. True to this vision, the Alliance continues to support and champion the exchange of ideas and people to deliver meaningful outcomes that have real-world relevance.

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