About us

Professor Abid Khan and Professor Mike Shipman
Alliance Academic Co-Directors

Today’s great challenges require solutions from multiple players, from different parts of the world. Formed in 2012, the Monash Warwick Alliance links two powerhouses from opposite sides of the globe to create international opportunities for all.

We bring together collective strengths from two top 100 universities, and enable diverse abilities to complement each other. Our connections penetrate every layer of the university fabric: students benefit from a seamless international experience, researchers jointly address world problems, while professional staff engage in a fluid exchange of people and ideas.

It’s a model that is changing the way universities approach their international partnerships. It’s about co-developing, co-publishing and offering a truly transnational experience, with a focus on addressing the global challenges of the 21st century.

Some highlights of what the Alliance has so far achieved include:

  • Over 100 collaborative research projects involving more than 600 academics
  • Over 500 co-published journal papers — focusing on issues from improving women’s rights in war zones and making big business more environmentally friendly, to eliminating drug-resistant superbugs and 3D-printing human tissue
  • Over 1000 student mobility exchanges have taken place between the two Universities
  • Jointly appointed Monash Warwick Alliance Professors – uniting shared expertise in wide-ranging fields, including antimicrobial resistance, nanotechnology, energy, and healthcare improvement
  • Joint PhD students working in disciplines such as medicine, arts, engineering, and social sciences; and a Double Masters in Journalism, Politics & International Studies
  • The annual (and award-winning) International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR), led by Warwick and Monash, has enabled over 1,700 undergraduate students to share and discuss their research with peers, in real time via video link, across the globe
  • 'Reinvention', a peer-reviewed journal of undergraduate research, has been established - currently at 29 online issues

The way ahead

Now an open-ended partnership and cemented by a slate of awards, the Alliance is focused on expanding its reach. We are open to engaging with new partners – business, corporations, foundations – anyone interested in driving positive change.

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