Our innovative teaching models are inspiring change across the sector. By encouraging students to work with people from different backgrounds, we are preparing them for the global workforce.

Some of our student initiatives:

  • Our student mobility projects include student exchange programs and learning experiences between Warwick and Monash as well as a combined network of our partner institutions. Watch our student mobility videos.
  • We offer global classroom experiences where students can interact online and learn from each other. Find out more about our new virtual exchange program with Warwick.
  • Our TeaMWork internships program brings together students between Monash and Warwick from all campuses across the globe, to work on an online internship with an international organisation.
  • We created the ICUR Conference, the world’s first 24/7 conference where students can share knowledge over two days of non-stop presentations
  • Our joint academic journal, Reinvention, provides a platform for students to get involved in joint editorial, joint publishing and peer review across two countries
  • Our Joint PhD program provides access to expertise and infrastructure of two leading research-intensive universities
    • Learn more from our Joint PhD graduates
    • Discover what a Monash Warwick Alliance Joint Phd can do for you, watch the video: