Student testimonials

Our student mobility projects include student exchange programs between Warwick and Monash.

We aim to produce internationally skilled graduates who are ready to face the challenges of a global workplace and can excel in their chosen fields.

Final year medical student, Mark Ranasinghe says during his experience with the University of Warwick he gained interesting international perspectives on global challenges

“I have absolutely loved working with other students from the University of Warwick.

I worked with a multidisciplinary team spanning both Monash and Warwick student leaders, where I was able to develop a range of skills including organisation, communication and teamwork.

I learnt a tremendous amount and gained new, interesting international perspectives on global challenges. I am very grateful for this opportunity and would highly recommend the experience to anyone interested.”

Third year Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Arts student, Georgina Lamont says that following her experience with the University of Warwick she gained personal confidence that has translated through to her personal, academic and work life

“After my exchange at Warwick, I was able to approach my studies with more depth and perspective. There is such a benefit from having friendly debates in class with students from varied backgrounds and with views that may be different to yours.

I have always been quite reserved in classrooms, so engaging in tutorials was an initial challenge. However, I gradually gained my confidence and consequently the class became an enriching environment to learn in.

Not only did I come out of Warwick with more confidence, but I intuitively developed on my soft skills along the way, which has translated through to my personal, academic and work life today.”

Bachelor of Business and Commerce student, Pearlyn Koey shares how she gained global exposure by participating in activities with the University of Warwick

“By completing some of my studies with the University of Warwick, I’ve benefited by being part of two world-leading universities.

The University of Warwick provided me with the highest education standards and broadened my horizons so I've gained a lot of global exposure.

By working with a large number of international students from a wide range of countries, the experience also allowed me to meet different people from around the world. This has helped me gain skills such as cultural awareness, communication and adaptability.”

Bachelor of Biomedical Science student, Ryan Buhagiar was a student director for the International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR)

“I was one of the Monash University International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR) student directors for 2020 - this year the conference was run virtually around the world. In this position I had the opportunity to work with a team of students and academics from Monash University and the University of Warwick.  I planned the ICUR conference with other students from Warwick and also had the opportunity to meet several other students from across Europe.

My time as ICUR Student Director provided me with a truly global perspective on undergraduate research and made me appreciate the enormous diversity of the undergraduate research community. I have developed a network of students and academics from across the globe and I have much more confidence operating in an increasingly globalised and virtual workplace.”

Monash Alumnus, Sean Mulcahy engaged with the University of Warwick in a number of different ways throughout his journey at Monash

“I engaged in a number of activities with the University of Warwick during my time at Monash. As a result of my experience, I was able to explore my research from an international perspective through connecting with leading academics and fellow researchers across continents, developing friendships with fellow students throughout the globe, and opening up employment opportunities abroad within my field of research.

Engaging with the University of Warwick compelled me to challenge myself, look beyond my own experience, and develop my personal confidence and intercultural understanding. I now have a network of global connections - friends, researchers and potential employers.”

Second year, Juris Doctor student Yu Yu Marip shares her experience with the University of Warwick

"I've been fortunate enough to engage in various activities with students from the University of Warwick. These experiences have been very personal and valuable to me as I joined to initially challenge myself and to step outside my comfort zone.

The program I participated in enabled me to work alongside different individuals with great minds from different cultural backgrounds and academics. Despite our difference and experiences, we all came together to create a common project of our passion. The experience made me more confident in myself, to put myself in more uncomfortable situations and helped me with my personal growth."

Realising a lifelong dream, Katherine Sewell, a final year Monash Business student, seized the opportunity to spend a term at Warwick at the beginning of the 2019/20 academic year

“Pretty much all my family is from the UK, which was the main reason for wanting to come to Warwick. I’ve heard so many stories, my Grandad went to Cambridge and my Grandma grew up in the north, I thought it would be nice to study in my second home.

Both Monash and Warwick are really diverse universities but the student demographic is completely different. I thought it would be really interesting to study the same subjects at Warwick but with people from different backgrounds to those at Monash.

One of the modules I’m studying here is Equality and Diversity. I’m majoring in human resource management at Monash and have studied the subject before, but thought it would be interesting to do it at Warwick and compare the two.”

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Fourth year student Marshall Raven recently returned from spending a semester at the University of Warwick

“My time in the UK was great,” said Marshall. “I really enjoyed the subjects I chose and I wasn’t expecting to travel as much as I did.”

Marshall knew Monash had a partnership with the University of Warwick and was aware of exchange options, although he suggests that if you are considering an exchange experience it’s good to start planning in your first year so that you don’t miss out.

“I had a friend that went to Warwick and exchange was on my mind. Luckily I had one business elective left in my fourth year so I was able to use that.”

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Third year Monash student, Sanjna Chandra spent 12 weeks at the University of Warwick during Semester Two in 2018

I loved experiencing student life at Warwick,” says Sanjna. “The vibe on campus was great, with plenty of campus activities during both day and night.”

Sanjna arrived during Warwick’s orientation week in September. She said she felt more confident about going to Warwick when she found out how many other students from Monash were there.

“There were around 50 students at Warwick from all Monash campuses during the autumn term. It was great knowing there were so many other students in a similar position to me, and with numerous meetups arranged by the universities in both Australia and the UK it was a fantastic opportunity to broaden my network of friends.

“I also lived on-campus which was an excellent opportunity to meet many local students. I found there was a strong community vibe given many students live on-campus or surrounding suburbs. In addition, my flatmates and many classmates had recently came back from year-long study abroad trips across various locations including France, Columbia, Singapore and Australia. Listening to their exciting stories and advice about studying overseas was invaluable support in shaping a memorable exchange experience.”

Sanjna says her decision to study at the University of Warwick was an easy one.

“The business school has a really good reputation and I found that everyone was very focused. It also helps there is an Alliance between Monash and Warwick. It creates benefits for students and is a safety net in a way as you know you’re being supported. Monash has a big presence there.”

Sanjna’s advice to other students is to definitely consider studying at Warwick.

“Research the subjects available to you and consider modules you may not necessarily study at, or are offered by Monash. Picking the right subjects will make your experience a worthwhile challenge. Beyond academics there are also many social meetups organised with local students and exchange students, as well as plenty of travel opportunities to explore other cities in the UK and Europe.”

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University of Warwick student Hannah Adel-Hadi undertook a semester's exchange at Monash in 2018 during the second year of her Global Sustainable Development degree

“I think my favourite thing about studying at Monash is being in Australia and being able to explore around Melbourne and beyond. There are such beautiful places to visit. The Clayton campus is stunning too.”

Hannah says the subjects she chose to study at Monash fit in well with her degree at home, and complement her final year unit choices. When asked about the opportunities the exchange has given her that she may have not otherwise gained, she said “There are opportunities to travel, as well as opportunities on campus to join different societies and experience another culture."

Not only has the experience given Hannah the opportunity to study in another country, it has also taught her to become more flexible when adapting to another university's curriculum and assessment structure.

During her time at Monash, Hannah was an active member of the Social Enterprise and Economic Development Society (SEED). With support offered through the Monash Warwick Alliance through the Student-Led Activity Fund, Hannah recognised that Warwick could benefit from a society similar to SEED. She is currently thinking about how she can work together with other Warwick and Monash students to leverage the SEED ideas, values and events to create a social enterprise society at Warwick.

University of Warwick student Alex Blades arrived in Australia mid-July during 2018

“So far the experience has opened my mind. At the University of Warwick I’m studying History and at Monash I’ve just started Indigenous studies and International Development modules. These subjects aren’t offered as part of my degree at Warwick so it’s a great opportunity to extend my knowledge outside of my degree.

I chose to study at the University of Warwick as I knew they had a connection with Australia through Monash University. Once I started my course I became familiar with the Monash Warwick Alliance and was eligible to receive a bursary allowance. I started saving to go to Australia a long before I started my degree but having access to a bursary meant I was able to get there faster. It has meant that not only do I get to study really interesting subjects, but I can really enjoy my time here and I have plans to travel outside of Melbourne, to Brisbane and Tasmania.

I’m hoping this experience will help with my future career plans to work in the Foreign Office, and to also help me with the internship I’m doing next year at the Commonwealth Office. My experience living and studying abroad is definitely helping me to become globally aware.”

Monash student Jessie Kingston is in the final year of her Bachelor of Science and Global Studies double degree

"Going to the UK to study at the University of Warwick in 2017 as part of my double degree in Science and Global Studies gave me a different perspective on life. It taught me that it's okay to question the opinions of others, even if they are my professor’s. Just because it's their opinion doesn't mean it has to be mine, and that it's okay to think for myself.

Studying at a different university has been an invaluable opportunity from which I learnt a great deal, both academically and in life."