TeaMWork internships

TeaMWork is an online internships program that brings together students across the globe to work on a collaborative project that supports an organisation. Students are from Monash University in Australia and Malaysia, and the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. Organisations from around the world offer the internship projects, which can include:

  • Reviewing and developing corporate sustainability initiatives
  • Developing business plans and communication strategies
  • Bringing a new product to market or adapting a product for a new market
  • Identifying the impact of emerging technology
  • Designing and carrying out market research

In the TeaMWork program, you'll provide an internship opportunity that our students can support you with. This could be a challenge or a development opportunity that your organisation is facing. You'll help guide and develop the employability of our students, while receiving their contribution towards your business objectives.


  • Gain from the fresh perspective, innovative skills, global outlook, and academic abilities of our students
  • Identify and recruit prospective graduate talent
  • Give back by guiding and supporting the younger generation
  • Partner with two leading global universities as part of our education research alliance (Monash Warwick alliance)

Eligibility and requirements

We welcome all your projects, regardless of whether you are a:

  • start-up
  • small business
  • medium or large organisation
  • community service
  • charity or volunteer organisation

Your organisation can be located internationally, anywhere in the world.

The project can be based on a real problem your organisation currently faces, or a future problem that your organisation might face. We’ll recruit, select, and support the teams of students working together on your project. Our students will work professionally with you as your virtual interns.

In the TeaMWork program, you'll complete an internship online with a team of six students from Monash University (Australia and Malaysia), and from the University of Warwick (United Kingdom). You'll receive mentoring, guidance, and training from us and your internship organisation during your TeaMWork experience.


  • Gain a global experience while working flexibly from home
  • Build valuable employability skills such as communication, intercultural competency, teamwork, project management and more
  • Receive guidance and insight from industry professionals
  • Expand your network of international industry and peer connections

Eligibility and requirements

To be eligible for the internship, you must be:

  • In your penultimate or final year of your undergraduate degree, in any discipline
  • Based at Monash University in Australia or Malaysia, or the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom
  • Available to commit to approximately 6-8 hours of online training in April and May before the internship starts
  • Available to commit up to 10 hours per week during the internship period (flexible hours)

You’ll need a computer and internet connection to work on the internship. We’ll provide you with an online platform where you can connect with your team, your organisation and university mentors.

Hear what our students and employers have to say about their TeaMWork experience.

Student experience

Employer experience

Kate Tobin
Manager, Inclusion and Success
Monash University Australia

Student Inclusion and Success team
Monash University Australia

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Important Dates

Industry applicationsMonday 4 January - Friday 30 April
Student applicationsMonday 1 March -  Wednesday 14 April
Program runs Monday 28 June - Friday 23 July

Program delivery

TeaMWork internships program is delivered by Access, Inclusion, and Success (Australia), Student Life (Malaysia), and Student Opportunity (United Kingdom), The program is supported by the Monash Warwick Alliance.