In a competitive job market, ready-made global networks and advanced collaboration skills are a distinct advantage. Alliance education initiatives equip students with the competencies to learn, work and effect change globally.

We deliver this by:

  • engaging with industry to offer real-world learning opportunities for students
  • offering ‘global classroom’ experiences
  • focusing on education initiatives that can be adapted across diverse disciplines and platforms
  • funding the Visiting Educators Scheme, offered by the Warwick International Higher Education Academy and the Monash Education Academy
  • providing funding for teaching and learning projects and student-led initiatives
  • promoting collaboration between students across disciplines and national borders
  • support for undergraduate research students through the annual International Conference for Undergraduate Research (ICUR) and the student-led production of the undergraduate research journal, Reinvention

Achieving scale and impact is an Alliance priority. Educators work together to develop original and innovative teaching programs, which are then rolled out at both universities, giving a greater number of students access to different cultural perspectives. A truly global education should not be limited to a select few.